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Are You A Fangirl? This Workshop Is For You!

Do you know who Dr. Who is? Do you know who lives at 221 B Baker Street? Then you’ll love this workshop! Fanboys are welcome, too!

Fangirl The Workshop!


Put on your favorite fanclothes and come play in the workshop!

Author Bill

Looking For Some Fun Fonts? – New From Studio Tangie

Tangie has added 3 new fonts to her amazing collection of hand drawn art journaling fonts.

Who’s Got The Time? [Art Journaling Font] By Tangie

Do You Play Croquet? [Art Journaling Font] By Tangie

Pigeon [Art Journaling Font] By Tangie

You’ll love the handmade look these new fonts add to your art journaling pages!

Author Bill

New From Studio Tangie – Add A Splash Of Color

Last week Tangie released her Art Journal Caravan 2014 May ’14 Collection kit in beautiful beige, cream, grays and black. Now you can add a splash of color as you create your Victorian observation pages.

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The May ’14 Collection} Splash Of Color By Tangie

If you haven’t seen the May ’14 Collection yet, you will find it below.

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The May ’14 Collection} By Tangie

We’d love to see how you’ve added color to your pages. Please share them with us in the Scrapbook Graphics gallery.

Author Bill


New From Studio Tangie – The May ’14 Parcel Collection

Would you like to see what you can discover in this Victorian Observatory kit?

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The May ’14 Collection} By Tangie

This collection is so huge that you’ll want to visit the store page to see everything it contains. Please click on the link  above to be taken there.

Author Bill

Magical Mixed-Media Journal Workshop by Studio Tangie

Abracadabra! This workshop will take you right to the magic of art journaling!

If By Magic {Mixed-Media Journal} Workshop By Tangie

Please join us as we transform our own hand-made journals with the new journal tool “It’s All In The Cards!” Please click on the link above to be taken to the store page.

Author Bill

What’s New From Studio Tangie? Stencils!

You can add layers of interesting color to your pages using these new freehand stencils.

Freehand Stencils No. 1 By Tangie

Freehand Stencil Brushes No. 1 By Tangie

Freehand Stencil Papers No. 1 By Tangie

Have fun giving your journal pages an unique look using these new freehand stencils!

Author Bill

It’s Here! April ’14 Collection from Studio Tangie

Do you dream about the stars?

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The April ’14 Collection} By Tangie

Please click on the link above so you can be taken to the store page to see the rest of the celestial elements in this new collection!

Author Bill

New Story Book Bundle, Bokeh Stars and Symbology 2 Worshop by Studio Tangie

Have you been wanting to write a story in your journal pages? Tangie has created a fun bundle of storybook elements for you to use.

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The March/April ’14 SPECIAL Collection} Storybook Bundle By Tangie

Every story needs some colorful stars to light the way!

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The March ’14 Collection} Bokeh Star Overlays By Tangie

If you missed the second Symbology Workshop, there is now a self-study version available. Symbols often play a large part in telling stories.

The Symbology Project Workshop TWO {Self-Study Version} By Tangie

We hope you’ll share your storybook journal pages in the Scrapbook Graphics gallery!

Author Bill

A New Clubhouse For Your {BE}Mused by Studio Tangie

Now there’s a workshop and clubhouse for your {BE}Mused to hang out in.

{BE}MUSED Clubhouse! (Workshop & Community) By Tangie

This introductory price disappears on March 29 th., so grab it quick! Click on the link above to get more details.

Author Bill


Get Your Style On With Studio Tangie

You can stylize the elements on your journal pages using 3 new Photoshop styles that create a painted look.

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The March ’14 Collection} Painterly Styles By Tangie

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The March ’14 Collection} Rainbowful Styles By Tangie

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The March ’14 Collection} Neon Oil Pastel Styles By Tangie

Each collection of styles also comes with the Photoshop Elements version. Enjoy giving your elements the painted look using these styles.

Author Bill


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