New Story Book Bundle, Bokeh Stars and Symbology 2 Worshop by Studio Tangie

Have you been wanting to write a story in your journal pages? Tangie has created a fun bundle of storybook elements for you to use.

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The March/April ’14 SPECIAL Collection} Storybook Bundle By Tangie

Every story needs some colorful stars to light the way!

Art Journal Caravan 2014 {The March ’14 Collection} Bokeh Star Overlays By Tangie

If you missed the second Symbology Workshop, there is now a self-study version available. Symbols often play a large part in telling stories.

The Symbology Project Workshop TWO {Self-Study Version} By Tangie

We hope you’ll share your storybook journal pages in the Scrapbook Graphics gallery!

Author Bill

Symbology 2014 Workshop and Free Sampler of Tangible Plans

Tangie is offering a new session of the Symbology Workshop starting February 15 th!

The Symbology Project {FEB/MAR 2014 WORKSHOP W/ Tangie!} By Tangie

If you haven’t started using Tangible Plans yet, now is the perfect time to try it out. Tangie is giving everyone a free sample!

Tangible Plans™ {FREE SAMPLER} By Tangie

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity! Click on the link above to take you to the page where you may watch a video explaining what Tangible Plans is all about.

Author Bill


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