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{About Tangie}

It has been a dream come true to become a full time artist and workshop instructor (not without a million hours of hard-work but a dream come true nonetheless)! I love art journaling with all my heart and it has changed my life in so many ways that I feel inadequate to express myself properly (better done through my art!). I want to share my passion with you, my excitement and my energy for a way of life that I know changes people, makes lives better and heals hearts. It’s also so incredibly satisfying to be in touch with our creative reservoir which I believe strongly that EVERY person has running deep inside of them.

A wee bit about me? I live in Mesa with my talented hubby who makes all the journals in our Etsy shop, my fifteen year old daughter whom I adore and a cranky Italian Greyhound named Tank. I am newly addicted to Instagram and Pinterest  and can sometimes be found on Facebook. I love collecting treasures on Etsy and thrift stores such as metal globes, vintage chevron crochet blankets, red planting pots, embroidered kitchen towels and of course anything that can be glued down in my art journal!

Thank you for stopping by, if you ever have any questions for me I am more than happy to try and help, you can always email me {tangiebaxter at yahoo dot com}.



{About Dave}

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